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The mission of Pursue and Recover Wellness is to give the optimum experience of wellbeing as a lifestyle. Client will gain the understanding of how to claim balance in their mind, body, and soul through consistent fitness and nutrition. 

About Coach Samantha


Samantha Powell has been gifted with a heart to help others achieve their personal fitness goals. With more than 30 years of experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and over 11 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Sam’s extensive skill set combined with a zeal for the profession make her one of a kind! She has also invested more than 16 years in Health and Wellness education alone as a Wellness Speaker. 

Sam’s approach to wellness begins with guiding each client through an understanding of how nutrition and fitness combine to create a balanced lifestyle with lasting success.  

Your Success is Sam’s Goal

Sam’s clients find her to be a constant and motivating voice that consistently declares success, and never defeat! She will help you to unearth your inner strength, and access your hidden potential to push through to progress! Through “The Grind,” you will learn to transform inches and pounds, while also silencing doubts and fears. A new threshold of ability and power is what Sam brings to each individual session and workout her clients experience!


Samantha is the greatest trainer of all time she has helped me a lot.

Our Services

PNR Bootcamp

PNR Bootcamp is temporarily suspended to comply with COVID-19 social distancing but we will return soon!

1 on 1 Training

Train socially distanced one on one with me in my studio or online


For people that live in the same household and want to train together, we have packages for you too!


We offer nutrition coaching and accountability in addition to our training. Everyone that signs up with PNR gets a FREE PNR Grind Pack and Nutrition Manual

No Equipment?
No Problem!

Sign up for our Queens Elite Group Virtual Training and we'll have everything you need to get the full PNR workout experience!

The Time Is Now

Stop delaying better wellness! Join us for motivating, high energy workouts in a supportive group environment. Workouts incorporate cardio, strength training, and circuit training. Every movement is designed to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and develop stamina. No more excuses - modified workouts are available for various fitness levels and age groups!

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